Anastasia Double face Fur


Very chic fur ūüôā double face Anastasia handmade, sleeveless, lined in warm and soft velvet. With bows, snap button closure.

The dress is ideal for winter, the fur is soft, warm and cuddly

Fabric (produced in Italy)

It goes very well with Chanel sweaters, Rosalinda


This item is freshly prepared: it ships within 3 days

XXS      Back 15-18 cm Chest max 25 cm Back 5.90 /7.00 inches Chest max 9.24 inches

xs         Back 18-21 cm     Chest    max 30 cm                 Back 7.00 /8.26 inches     Chest    max 11.80 inches

S            Back 21-24 cm     Chest    max 35 cm                    Back 8.26 /9.40 inches     Chest    max 13.77 inches

M          Back 25-28 cm     Chest    max 40 cm                  Back 9.44 /11.00 inches     Chest    max 15.70 inches

L            Back 28-31 cm      Chest    max 45 cm                    Back 11.00/12.20 inches    Chest    max 17.70 inches

XL        Back 31-34 cm      Chest    max 50 cm                    Back 12.20/13.40 inches    Chest    max 19.6 inches

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